Luisa Geisler, Brazil

Creative Writer

Luisa Geisler

MA in Creative Process, 2016/17
BA International Relations, ESPM

Luisa is a writer and graduated from ESPM SUL in 2014 with a Bachelor of International Relations. During her first semester at Uversity Luisa took modules at University College Cork in Craft & Technique of Fiction(2): Reading the Novel – Craft & Technique of Fiction(1): The Short Story, Gothic to Modernism.

For the second part of the year, Luisa combined modules at UCC in Cork and UCD in Dublin taking fiction workshop and James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Luisa was invited as a guest author to attend the Printemps Littéraire Brésilien 2017 and participated in discussions and reviews in bookstores and at the Sorbonne, with students and professors.

Luisa’s writing has been recognized by Forbes magazine, having been selected for the under 30 edition of the Brazilian edition for her literary work.