Shelly Harder, Canada

Creative Writer

Michelle Harder

MA in Creative Process, 2016/17
BA English Literature, Western University

Shelly is a creative writer from Canada and discovered Uversity during her visit to Ireland in 2015 as winner of the “Literature Pre-1710” at the Undergraduate Awards. During her year at Uversity she has deepened her creative writing skills both academically and through immersive and performance activities.

Shelly studied at University College Dublin for the full year taking modules in Concepts of Modernity: histories, theories, texts; Writing for the Theatre, Joyce: Ulysses, Philosophy of Literature and Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception. Shelly also took a Philosophy audit module in semester one.

Throughout the year, Shelly has participated in a variety of readings and open mic sessions including the Sunflower Sessions. She has also had one of her poems published in their quarterly Journal.