Uversity student showcase event goes beyond words

Uversity’s graduate showcase event thar cailc: unconfined took place at D-Light Studios on 24th August. The creative showcase of student work demonstrated the very essence of the innovative MA in Creative Process which places creativity at the heart of each student’s transformational journey in Ireland.

‘thar cailc’ is the Irish phrase meaning ‘going beyond the chalked mark’. It was first suggested by Professor Emeritus, Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, in the first Core Module Session of the Master of Arts in Creative Process, in the University of Limerick in September 2017. The students were immediately caught by his inspirational use of the phrase as going beyond words into creative expression. They have never lost sight of the essence of this phrase which has carried meaning for each of them as an inspirational touchstone throughout this year.

The work represented a wonderful creative expression that truly ‘went beyond words’ and demonstrated the substance, intellect and insightfulness present in each student. We congratulate our six students, Emma Austin (USA), Daniel McNamara (USA), Ana Vallejos Cotter (Chile); Luisa Geisler (Brazil), Shelly Harder (Canada) and Laura Cummins (UK). The event included a participatory art event, student readings and a number of performances reflecting the student’s project work. We have no doubt about their bright and promising futures and we know they will remember their time in Uversity and Ireland as an important step in their creative journey.
A synopsis of the student’s work is available to view on Uversity’s digital showcase

Uversity is a ground-breaking consortium of 24 higher education institutions that enables international students to explore and realise their creative potential through a Master of Arts in Creative Process. Since 2014, we have been welcoming international students to Ireland to take part in a unique programme that allows them to build a coherent programme of guided academic, personalised learning.